.NET Libraries for Any Application


A data connectivity library for performing any data operation, such as queries and updates, against online sources such as OData and Dynamics 365.


A data management and analysis component that uses in-memory caching technology to deliver faster extraction, transformation and loading of large and complex data sets.


A powerful data binding component that provides filtering, grouping, sorting and data virtualization for incrementally loading large data sets.


Extract data from plain text or HTML files, such as emails and invoices, that can be stored or transferred.


Parse and evaluate expressions like Microsoft Excel with support for common, built-in functions.

What's New

What's New

DbProviderFactory Support - Provider factories are a pattern to help developers write generic data access code to access different types of data stores.

Entity Framework Core 3.1 Support - Includes reverse engineering of data source views.

Google Analytics & QuickBooks Online DataConnectors - We have added data connectors for two very popular applications, Google Analytics & QuickBooks Online. Import, display and analyze data from these data sources using a common interface with our other popular cloud service connectors.

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