Silverlight UI Controls for Web Apps

Shorten your development cycle and deliver great apps fast with 50+ grids, charts, and layout controls

  • Includes a wide range of navigation and layout controls
  • Best Silverlight data grid available
  • Extensive API and built-in customization options
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Why Choose Silverlight UI Controls?

Fast, Flexible Silverlight Datagrid

Build highly performant, customizable grids with the industry-standard FlexGrid.

Deliver a Word-like Experience

Deliver a Microsoft Word-like experience with RichTextBox’s complete HTML and RTF editing.

Create an Interactive, Stunning Experience

The range of navigation and layout controls includes accordions, carousels, hyperpanels, and more.

Full Support for PDF Viewing

Provide complete support for viewing PDF documents and HTML reports with PDFViewer.

Optimize your Silverlight Apps with XapOptimizer

XapOptimizer shrinks the size of any Silverlight app, reducing overhead and improving performance. 

Built for Visual Studio

Seamless Visual Studio integration, and designed for the VS ecosystem.


Provide a powerful, flexible data grid for your users in moments, and include built-in scrolling, editing, and paging without manual code.


Reduce the size of your Silverlight and Phone apps up to 70% in one click and secure your code with obfuscation. Add XapOptimizer to your dev cycle with build automation, backups, and limitless options.

*Available only in ComponentOne Studio and Ultimate

3-D Chart

Graph your data in three dimensions and create professional three-dimensional surface charts with options for contour levels and zones. Rotate the chart to any angle, show a chart legend, and more.


Add native document viewing capabilities to your Silverlight apps for Silverlight. Open, view, and save any PDF with support for page zooming, bookmarks, text search, and printing.

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