Endless layout possibilities with Tiles for UWP

Create tiled displays and navigation hubs with ComponentOne Tiles™ for UWP. Get several different tile controls that support sliding and flipping animations with live updates. Combine tiles with different containers to achieve endless layout possibilities.


The Tile control is an animated headered content control that mimics the behavior of live tiles.

UWP Tiles


Though it's based on the Tile control, the FlipTile control includes a different type of transition animation effect between alternating content. In the FlipTile control, the animation makes the tile appear as if it's flipping between content.

UWP FlipTiles


Based on the Tile control, the SlideTile control includes a sliding animation between templates. The SlideTile.SlideDirection property determines the direction that the content slides in.

UWP SlideTile

Create Flipping and Sliding Tiles

With the FlipTile and SlideTile controls, you can create tiles that display alternating content with a sliding or flipping animation. Simply design your template and provide content to the control: the updates and animations are handled automatically.

UWP FlipTile

Familiar Windows Live Tile Behavior

ComponentOne Tiles have been specially designed for Windows 10 apps. Each tile control exhibits the same interactive behavior as start screen live tiles on Windows 10 and Windows Phone. This means your app will present familiar behavior to the user, and you don’t have to lift a finger — except to select a tile.

Live Updates

ComponentOne Tiles can flip, slide, and show updated “live” content. Control the update interval using the static TileService class and the UpdateInterval property.

UWP Tile Live Updates

Host in Any Container

ComponentOne Tiles can be hosted in any items control containers, like the TileListBox, WrapPanel, or the standard GridView and ListBox controls, so you can use Tiles in data-bound scenarios. Each container presents a different way to arrange multiple tiles together, giving you endless combinations and possibilities.

UWP Tile Container

Support for Different Sizes

Tiles don't need to be the same shape and size. Combine tiles of different types and sizes together to create displays uniquely catered to your application.