Present your UI elements as if they were pages in a physical book or magazine

The ComponentOne Book control for UWP provides an interactive and unique way to visualize items, complete with gesture support and smooth, page-turning animations.

Built-in Gesture Support

Bring your books to life with smooth animations. Turn pages with intuitive dragging or flick gestures. Pages bend and fold as they turn, like a physical book.

UWP Book Control

Flexible Data-binding

Book is an ItemsControl, so you can bind it to any IEnumerable data source. It supports UI virtualization, so elements are created as they are displayed. Each item in the data source can be a UIElement or a business object that gets converted into a UIElement using templates.

Custom Styles for Book Pages and Cover

You can provide different data templates for the left and right pages. You can also span content across both pages and start your book with a cover page.

Jump to Any Page

You can manipulate the pages programmatically, providing UI indexes — like a table of contents — for faster navigation.

Vertical Orientation

You can flip Book vertically by setting the Orientation property, or you can use the default horizontal orientation.