Create date-driven dashboards and scheduling apps for UWP

With Calendar for UWP, get gesture-based month navigation, date range selection, and data binding for quick and simple app development.

Gesture-based Navigation

By default, Calendar supports slide and tap gestures for date navigation and selection. Slide left and right or tap the navigation buttons to navigate months.

Date Range Selection

Enable the user to select one day or many days through a default tap or a hold-and-slide gesture. Control the number of days they can select using the MaxSelectionCount property.

Customizable Calendar Settings

Specify the starting day of the week, the work weekdays collection, and more. You can use Calendar with any supported culture in UWP. Visually distinguish between work days and weekends through special brush properties. Make any date bold to highlight it for the end user.

UWP Calendar Custom

Easy and Flexible Styling Model

With Calendar, you can easily change control brushes without having to override templates. Each visible part of the control has its own brush, including adjacent days, weekends, selected days, the month header, and more.

Customize Date Appearance and Content

You can alter the appearance of any individual day using a custom template and template selector. Use custom DataTemplateSelector implementations to display custom content within the date blocks, like calendar appointments.

Show Week Numbers

Display week numbers by just setting one property. There are never any trailing empty weeks because Calendar always displays the minimum number of rows required per month — whether it is 4, 5, or 6 weeks long.

Year and Decade Modes

Navigate between historical dates with the Year and Decade modes.

UWP Calendar Year Mode

Today Button

Using the Today button, users can return to the current day with one click. To show the button, set the ShowTodayButton property to True.