Replace your out-of-the-box collection view control

The ComponentOne CollectionView class for UWP delivers missing functionality like sorting, filtering, editing, and grouping for any collection. MVVM pattern development is at hand, and with a similar object model to UWP and Silverlight, you'll have virtually no learning curve.

Powerful and Familiar Interface

  • Because IC1CollectionView is based on UWP and Silverlight's IC1CollectionView, you can enjoy having almost no learning curve
  • Use CollectionView as a compatible data source for any standard items control with an ICollectionView implementation
  • Bind to any data-aware controls

UWP CollectionView Grouping

Support for Better Functionality

  • Add elements missing from CollectionViewSource implementations, like sorting, filtering, editing, and grouping
  • Incremental data loading while users scroll optimizes performance
  • Edit CollectionView's live rowset, and automatically pass changes to the underlying collection

UWP CollectionView