Classic and Contextual Menu Control UWP

Add touch-friendly context menus and classic "File" menu systems to your Windows 10 apps with ComponentOne Menus™ for UWP. The Menu and ContextMenu controls give you a native look-and-feel with traditional-looking menus that support deeply nested items and vertical orientation.

Classic and touch-friendly menus for your UWP apps

With the Menu control, you can create traditional-looking menus that support deeply nested items. By setting one property, you can display the menu using either horizontal or vertical orientation.


Using the ContextMenu control, you can provide pop-up menus that associate frequently-used commands with selected objects. The ContextMenuService class exposes context menus as extender properties that can be attached to any FrameworkElement objects on the page, much like the ToolTip property provided by the ToolTipService class.

Display Holding Indicator

With the ContextMenu control, a holding indicator can display when the user holds down on the parent control. This mimics the Windows desktop context menu experience on touch devices.

Page Boundaries Detection

Drop-down menus are positioned automatically and always stay within the page bounds. Long menus will show scroll buttons to indicate that there are more menu items out of view.

Icons and Custom Content

Display icons or other custom content for each menu item.

UWP Menu Visual Studio

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Set the menu's orientation to horizontal or vertical. Use the Menu control with the DockPanel control to dock it to any edge of the page.

UWP Menu Vertical

Checked Items

You can check MenuItems to show the toggled state of an item.