Display maps from multiple sources in UWP

Get smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographical coordinates with ComponentOne Maps™ for UWP. Display online maps from multiple sources and import KML files that work offline. You can even superimpose your own custom elements to the maps.

Three Built-in Map Sources

ComponentOne Maps™ can display geographical information from various sources. By default, Maps uses Microsoft Bing Maps™ services as the source. Three photograph sources are included: Aerial, Road, and Hybrid.

UWP Map Sources

Zoom and Pan Interaction

Maps provides the viewing container, which supports zooming and panning using multi-touch gestures. Users can double tap or stretch to zoom-in while pinching to zoom-out. Dragging will pan the map in any direction. You can also enable inertial scrolling or panning by setting one property.

UWP Map Navigation

Display Any Element on the Map

Maps comes with the MapItemsLayer, which supports mapping between screen and geographical coordinates. Use the items layer to add your own custom elements linked to geographical locations. Anything that can be created in UWP can be added to your map.

UWP Map Flickr

Draw Vector Shapes on the Map

With the VectorLayer, you can draw geometries/shapes/polygons/paths with geographic coordinates on top of the map. The vector layer is useful to draw political borders for countries or states, geo details like traffic routes, and choropleth maps based on statistical data — like showing population per country.

Offline Map Sources with KML Support

The map's VectorLayer layer supports rendering geographic KML and KMZ files. You can use the vector layer instead of the built-in Microsoft Bing Maps™ source to show a world map representation from a KML file.

UWP Map KML Support

Custom Tile Sources

In addition to the three built-in sources, Maps supports custom map sources. We provide a couple samples using the Open Street Maps and CloudMade Midnight Commander public examples.

UWP Map Tile Sources