Easily organize and navigate content in UWP

Organize and navigate content with tabs using ComponentOne TabControl™ for UWP. Utilize available space while letting the user see all available items to select. Position tabs at the top, bottom, left, or right of a page. TabControl supports several different shapes and built-in features.

Modern Tab Styles

You can modify the shape of the tab headers using one of the four built-in shapes — Rounded, Rectangle, Ribbon, and Sloped — or use no shape outline for a clean, modern look.

UWP Tab Control

Overlap Tabs

You can customize the overlap between tab item headers. For example, you can show jagged tabs, like the Documents tab in Microsoft Visual Studio. Set the TabStripOverlap property, and then define whether tab items are overlapped with the right-most tab in the back or with the left-most tab in back by setting the TabStripOverlapDirection property. The selected item is always on top.

UWP Tab Control Overlap

Closeable Tabs

Control whether or not the user can close tabs and where the close button appears in relation to the tabs. Display the close button inside each tab or in a global location outside the tab strip, like Visual Studio does in its Documents tab.

Scrollable Elements

If the tab items can't fit in the current available space, the TabControl shows Next/Previous buttons, just like Microsoft Internet Explorer.