Create drop-downs for any type of custom input in UWP apps

DropDown for UWP helps you make custom drop-down editors without having to mess with pop-up windows and flyouts. Use it to create a specialized drop-down for anything imaginable, like a color picker, an autocomplete text box, or even a hierarchical combo box.

Host Any UI as Drop-down Content

The DropDown control gives you complete control to create specialized drop-down editors with ease. Fully design your own drop-down content, and configure which value to display in the header portion. For example, you could place a ComponentOne TreeView in the drop-down portion to create a hierarchical combo box that displays the selected node in the header.

UWP AutoComplete DropDown

Automatic Closing and Opening Bounds Detection

Configure the drop-down direction preference to above or below the header portion. If there is not enough room on the page, the DropDown control will automatically display in the other direction. With the AutoClose property, you can determine if the drop-down automatically closes when the control loses focus.

UWP DropDown Hierarchical