Powerful UWP imaging capabilities at your fingertips

Put powerful imaging capabilities at your fingertips with ComponentOne Imaging™ for UWP. Quickly load and edit PNG and JPEG images as well as save them back, or display animated GIFs.


With Bitmap for UWP, you can complete many different tasks. By combining Bitmap for UWP with some of the baked-in UWP XAML capabilities, you can crop images, warp images, and render simple XAML framework elements.


Display animated GIF images in your Windows Store application as you would in a traditional Web application with ComponentOne Image™ for UWP. Animated GIFs are compact, and you can add attractive visual elements to your applications with minimal effort.

Display Animated GIF Files

With the GIFImage class, you can add animated GIF files to your Windows 10 applications. The standard Image control only supports PNG and JPEG formats.

UWP Animated Imaging

Play, Pause and Stop Animated GIFs

The GIFImage class provides media player-like commands, so you can control the GIF animations programmatically. You can use these methods to animate GIFs while performing a task, creating interesting progress indicators, or simply better integrating the animations with the state of the application.

Edit Images Programmatically

With the Bitmap class, you can access individual pixels to create special effects, crop, resize, or transform images in any way you want.

UWP Image Editing

Reduce/Crop Images

You can edit the pixels to resize images and reduce the resolution, which reduces the file size and results in faster upload time. You can also crop users' images in order to upload only part of them, as you do in Facebook or any other web user account.

UWP Image Cropping