Lists with tile layouts or optical zoom in UWP

Get two high-performance controls for displaying lists of bound data with ComponentOne ListBox™ for UWP. Display lists with tile layouts or with optical zoom using the ListBox and TileListBox controls. The UI-virtualization controls are blazing fast and can display thousands of items with little impact on performance.


ListBox adds functionality to a standard-type ListBox control, like Incremental Loading or UI Virtualization.

UWP ListBox


Create tiled item lists with TileListBox.

Performance Optimization

  • Load items incrementally as a user scrolls to the end of a list
  • Display thousands of items and preserve top performance with UI Virtualization
  • Render items outside the viewport in preview state, like items being scrolled quickly. When items stop scrolling, they'll be displayed fully

Display and Orientation Options

  • The ListBox controls support both horizontal and vertical orientation, which makes more layout scenarios possible
  • Arrange items in both rows and columns, creating tile displays