Attractive, touch-first radial menu for UWP apps

Add an attractive radial menu system to your Windows 10 apps with ComponentOne RadialMenu™ for UWP. Modeled after popular Microsoft apps, the RadialMenu control gives you a unique, touch-friendly alternative to the traditional context menu.

Compact Design

Save precious app bar and screen real estate with a compact radial menu system. You can organize and nest most of your app’s commands into a single, expandable menu control that can pop up anywhere and anytime.

UWP Radial Menu

Nested Menus

The radial menus can be nested to any depth that you want, and you can add as many items to the radial menu as you need. The RadialMenu control will automatically create the sectors based on the number of items your control contains.

Select Colors and Numbers

You can also use the RadialMenu as a color picker. Menu items can be displayed as solid colors using the RadialColorItem, providing the user with a full wheel of color options. With the RadialNumericItem control, you can edit numerals in a radial dial modeled after Microsoft OneNote.

UWP Radial Menu

Flexible Item Positioning

Using only a few properties, you can specify both the exact position of each item within the RadialMenu control and the angle at which the items begin.

Automatic Selection

Each menu item can contain any number of submenu items, and the RadialMenu control will show a selected item for each submenu. You can specify which submenu item is selected, or you can allow the control to automatically select items based on the user's previous actions. So if a user frequently selects a menu item that is not the default, that menu item will be displayed on the main menu, making selection faster.

UWP Radial Menu AutoSelection

Automatic Collapsing

If you enable the automatic collapsing feature, users can close a radial menu by clicking outside the control's boundaries.