Display and edit formatted text in UWP apps

Display and edit formatted text as HTML and RTF documents with ComponentOne RichTextBox™ for UWP. The RichTextBox control supports rich formatting, CSS, lists, hyperlinks, tables, images, and more. Use the control to display HTML content from the Web, or use it as a rich text editor.

Load, Display, and Save HTML Documents

The RichTextBox control supports displaying and editing rich text formatted as HTML. Load existing HTML content into the RichTextBox control, edit the document, and then save it back as HTML or plain text.

Read and Write Rich Text Format Documents

Read, display, and edit Rich Text Format (RTF) documents using the RichTextBox control. We've written our own RTF filter based on the RTF 1.9.1 specification, and it includes support for images, fonts, tables, and most formatting supported by Microsoft WordPad. Because the RichTextBox control can also read/write HTML, you can use it to convert RTF to HTML and vice versa.

Mouse and Touch Support

Select text and move the input caret easily by either mouse or touch interaction. The text selection is modeled after the native TextBox control's behavior, so it's familiar and easy to accomplish on a touch device.

Rich Formatting Menus

Edit and format text containing multiple fonts, decorations, sizes, colors, and other basic HTML and RTF style attributes supported by CSS and inline markup. The RichTextBoxMenu control — which acts as a complete radial context menu — and a robust collection of AppBar buttons make creating and customizing your text editor easier than ever.

UWP RichTextBox

Clipboard Support

The RichTextBox control fully supports the Clipboard for both plain and rich text through keyboard commands (CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+X) and UI commands for touch displays. Implement cut/copy/paste commands within your AppBar, through your keyboard, or any other way imaginable.

Insert and Navigate Hyperlinks

The RichTextBox control supports inserting and navigating hyperlinks. When the user clicks a hyperlink, the RequestNavigate event is fired on the control, and you can set what happens when the link is clicked.

Insert Images

The RichTextBox control supports inserting PNG and JPG images from the web or from the user's machine. Users can select and resize images and tables on the document surface by dragging adorners on the object.

Insert and Edit Tables

The RichTextBox control comes with many advanced table commands, making it easier for you to design tables in HTML documents. Insert new tables, rows, and columns with the click of a button. Specify individual cell borders, sizes, and text alignments. You can even merge cells and convert plain text to tables, just like in Microsoft Word. With the RichTextBoxMenu control's contextual support for table menus, you can edit a table on the fly.

UWP RichTextBox Tables

Built-in AppBar Tools

In addition to the RichTextBoxMenu control, the C1.Xaml.RichTextBox.AppBar library includes built-in tools that you can use to create a simple command bar. The built-in tools support these commands: Bold, Italic, Underline, Undo, Redo, Increase Font Size, Decrease Font Size, Center Align, Right Align, Left Align, and Justify.

UWP RichTextBox AppBar

Spell Checking

As-you-type spell checking highlights misspelled words with a wavy, red underline. The dictionary is customizable, and you can check words in many different languages. The end user can right-click the misspelled word in the document to see a context menu that includes options to ignore, add to dictionary, or pick a suggestion to correct the word automatically. We provide 22 international dictionaries free for you to distribute with your application.

UWP RichTextBox Spell-Checking

Undo/Redo Support

The RichTextBox control keeps track of all document history, so users can easily undo and redo changes. By default, keyboard commands (CTRL+Z/CTRL+Y) perform these actions. With UndoTool and RedoTool, you can also add buttons to your UI to perform the same behavior.

Printing Support

You can print documents from the RichTextBox control using standard Windows printing techniques. The control supports a paged layout as well, so users can see how the document will appear when printed.

UWP Printing