Interactive data browsing in UWP

Interactively browse through your data with ComponentOne TileView™ for UWP. Expand and collapse tiles to view more or less information. Show off the true touch-first and fast-and-fluid nature of Windows 10 in your apps with this highly visual and interactive control. Create dashboards, detail views, photo galleries, and more.

Gesture-based Interaction and Animation

TileView is a highly interactive control: each tile can be viewed in three different states, and users can toggle between states by tapping the tile header. Users can also rearrange tiles by sliding or flicking tiles in any direction. Smooth animations occur as tiles transition from one state to another.

UWP TileView

Three Tile States

Each tile can be viewed in three states: maximized, minimized, and default. Easily show more or less information for each tile using any of the item templates. In the default state, all tiles are displayed at the same size.

Minimize Position

Minimize tiles to the top, left, bottom, or right side of the TileView control by setting one property. You can also specify the number of rows and columns visible in the default state.

Flexible Data Binding

TileView is an items control that can be bound to any collection of business objects. Specify element bindings inside item templates as you would for any items control.

UI Virtualization

The TileView control supports UI virtualization, so it can load and display hundreds of items without affecting performance.