New WinForms Edition With Support

Limited Time Offer:



Integrated Reporting and Support for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

With FlexReport and accompanying report designer and viewer controls, ComponentOne integrates reporting solutions directly in the studio.

Dashboard Layouts Out of the Box

Highlighting the unique dashboard layout control included in the WinForms Edition, most other WinForms toolkits do not include this needed functionality.

Solid and Reliable DataGrid

With the most used .NET data grid, FlexGrid, ComponentOne knows data grids.

Time Tested and Industry Approved

Thousands of .NET developers use ComponentOne WinForms controls for nearly two decades. They have been time-tested since .NET 1. and continue to thrive in the latest .NET versions.

New WinForms Data Service Edition With Support

Limited Time Offer:



Data Services Edition is our collection of .NET libraries that make working with data easier across any .NET platform.

The Data Service Edition bundles components for building Windows desktop apps using WinForms controls and Data Services. If you're building WinForms apps, this edition provides everything you need for both the data layer and UI layer:

  • Data Connectors for accessing and integrating data from online and cloud-based sources Data Binding Components for displaying and virtualizing large data sets
  • Data Engine for ETL and quick, in-memory data analysis
  • Text Parsing Components for extracting data from sources other than a database
  • Web APIs for downloading, uploading, caching, generating, and exporting images, documents, reports, and barcodes
  • Support for .NET framework, .NET 5. .NET 6 will bring even performance enhancements and C#10
  • Includes all of the greatness of the WinForms Edition plus


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