Sizer Control for WinForms

  • Resolution-independent, resizable forms in WinForms apps
  • This powerful grid layout manager extends the basic layout capabilities provided by the .NET Framework and resizes controls to fill your form, like the WPF and Silverlight Grid control
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Grid Layout

The Sizer panel is a lot like the Grid control in WPF and Silverlight. Each control inside Sizer is positioned in one or more of its rows and columns. You have the flexibility to set up the grid rows and columns before the controls are inside the Sizer panel or to have them automatically created after they're inside the Sizer panel.


Automatic Resizing

While it resizes at run time, Sizer resizes its controls always to fill their designated grid cells, rows, and columns. You can set fixed sizes for some rows and columns to prevent them from stretching during resizing. Sizer delivers resolution-independent forms, which are forms that appear the same at any screen resolution.


Just set the IsSplitter property for any grid row or column, and Sizer will give you splitter behavior between its content. Splitters enable the end user to resize just a portion of the Sizer panel at run time without having to resize the entire form. Each splitter's style is completely customizable.

Rounded Corners

The Sizer panel supports rounded corners and borders, so if you'd like, you can update the look of your application to look more like WPF and less like classic Windows Forms. Use Sizer for just this feature, or combine it with the resizing capabilities for an all-around, true WPF feel. No image resources are needed to accomplish this feature, so your application remains lightweight and responsive.

Gradient Backgrounds

With the design-time Gradient Editor, you can quickly and easily add complex gradients to the Sizer panel. Create a modern look for your forms without having to paint or load graphic files. For example, the Sizer panels in the screenshot below were created without image resources and without writing a single line of code.

Spacing and Padding

Adjust the spacing between controls by setting the Padding properties (top, left, right, bottom) and the SplitterWidth property. Combine multiple Sizer panels inside one another for further spacing and padding customizations.


Full Proportional Resizing

SizerLight is the non-visual component of Sizer that keeps track of a form's size and position. When a form is resized, the SizerLight component resizes all contained controls proportionally, so the form retains its appearance at any resolution. With SizerLight, no container control is needed. Drop SizerLight anywhere on your form, and you have instant resizing capabilities.