130+ Modern WinForms UI Controls and Powerful Data Components

ComponentOne WinForms Data Services Edition provides over 130 WinForms UI controls and vital data layering components for connecting, querying, and analyzing.

  • Display and edit data with lightning-fast datagrids and input controls
  • Endless data visualization options with flexible charts and reporting components
  • Data connectors for accessing and integrating data from various online, CRM, and cloud-based sources
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WinForms UI Controls are reusable design elements that help developers implement a wide variety of features in their desktop applications in less time. ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible WinForms controls including data connectors, data engine, data grids, charts, and more.

Why Choose WinForms UI Controls and .NET Data Components?

WinForms Edition

130+ advanced WinForms UI controls, including lightning-fast grids, charts, and reports.

Data Services Edition

.NET service components for improving data management. Parse text files, connect to online cloud services, and process and analyze large data sets.

WinForms Data Services Edition Comparison

Data Services Edition
WinForms Edition
WinForms Data Services Edition
Studio Enterprise
  $895 $995 $1295 $1495
Data Services ×   × ×
     DataConnectors ×   × ×
     DataEngine ×   × ×
     TextParser ×   × ×
     Web API  ×   × ×
     DataCollection × × × ×
WinForms UI Controls   × × ×

     Standard Controls

     (FlexGrid, FlexChart, Ribbon, DockingTab, and 100+ more) 

  × × ×

     Enterprise Controls 

     (FlexPivot and Financial Chart)


What You Can Do With Data Services and WinForms

Check out these blogs and samples that show Data Services and WinForms UI controls utilized together.

Build a Leads to Opportunity Salesforce Report Using .NET

Learn how to create a sales opportunity report from different lead sources in Salesforce using the .NET FlexReport Designer.

Integrate Google Analytics Data Into a Dashboard

Retrieve data from Google Analytics and create a dashboard in .NET WinForms. Review basic features like authentication, caching and querying.

Pivot Transforms With C1DataEngine

Apply pivot transformations, such as grouping and aggregation, on large data sets. With optimization techniques like column-oriented and memory-mapped files, C1DataEngine offers fast data analysis over large data sets.

Create an Excel-Like Formula Bar in .NET WinForms

Creating and evaluating expressions with C1CalcEngine is straightforward and familiar if you’ve ever used Excel. Here we show how to create a simple expression and use the Evaluate function to get the result.

Integrate QuickBooks Online Data Using ADO. NET

Understand how to use the ADO.NET C1DataConnector for QuickBooks Online to connect to the QuickBooks Online data and even explain the basic features, including authentication, querying, and caching.

Visualize Dynamics 365 Sales Data in a .NET Pivot Grid

The Dynamics 365 ADO.NET connector is useful when used with an analytical UI control such as the ComponentOne OLAP/Pivot control. The UI control provides the analytical abilities for records from Dynamics.

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