A WinForms datagrid is a user interface control for displaying, editing, and analyzing large data sets. FlexGrid is a WinForms datagrid optimized for high-performance and flexibility, enabling .NET developers to customize every aspect of the control.

  • Familiar, Excel-Like Experience

    FlexGrid's interactive features mimic Microsoft Excel. Users enjoy familiar features such as keyboard navigation, cell selection, editing, sorting, freezing, and grouping.

  • Full-Featured WinForms Datagrid

    FlexGrid includes dozens of built-in features. Users have full control over how each cell is rendered and behave as an unbound grid even when bound.

  • Hierarchical Datagrid

    Aggregate data and display dynamic hierarchical views in your desktop application. FlexGrid offers tree grids with multiple columns, nested grids, grouped with subtotals, and expandable row details.

  • Fast and Lightweight

    Load and scroll up to 10x faster while remaining lightweight. FlexGrid's small footprint allows users to customize features without app bloat. See our performance benchmarks in .NET 5 to see how much faster it is compared to .NET Framework.

  • Intuitive Designers

    With easy-to-use, intuitive Visual Studio designers, users can bind to a data source, configure column layouts, configure cell styles, and enable additional features without writing a single line of code.

  • .NET Datagrid for Enterprise Applications

    With customized cell rendering, built-in filtering, grouping, sorting, globalization, flexible data-binding, FlexGrid provides a powerful and flexible way to display data.