• Familiar Excel-Like Panel Design

    The easy-to-use controls are modeled after Microsoft Excel® Pivot Tables, so they're powerful and familiar for all users.

  • Process Millions of Records in Milliseconds

    Built on a super-charged data engine, FlexPivot offers a lightning-fast data engine that will give your users more power, speed, and reach than ever before.

  • Increase User Productivity

    Includes built-in save and load of views, which saves development time and increases productivity by giving more power to the end-user.

  • Connects Directly to Microsoft SSAS Cubes

    Connect to various data sources such as Microsoft SQLServer Analysis Services (SSAS), online or local cubes, or any data table or collection of business objects.

  • Code-Free Data Analysis

    Just connect the C1FlexPivotPage component to a data source and you have a complete analytical tool including the pivot panel and a toolbar.

Data Analysis Components

  • Create dynamic, summarized views by dragging data fields into a list on the UI.
  • Interactive grids, charts, and reports cater to diverse business needs.
  • High-performance controls and a small footprint create a powerful BI tool.

Group and Aggregate Data Instantaneously

  • FlexPivot enables users group and aggregate data across the top or down the side of the grid.
  • At run-time or in code, specify how to aggregate the data such as sum, count, average.
  • Create numeric, date and string-based ranges for advanced grouping scenarios.

Filter and Slice Data Dynamically

  • FlexPivot enables users to filter data based on some conditions using value and range-based filters.
  • The C1FlexPivotSlicer control provides a quick way to edit filters at run-time.
  • Filter data based on values while also indicating the current filtering state.
  • Use the TopN filter to find the top or bottom data records.

Cell Formatting Configured by the End-User

  • Highlight totals that falls into certain thresholds through conditional formatting.
  • Conditional cell formatting can be configured at runtime by the end-user through dialogs.

Visualize Trends with the Pivot Chart

  • Convey the same pivot table view in a chart to discover new insights and trends.
  • Summarize data in multiple chart types, including column, bar, area, line, scatter, and pie
  • Users can customize the charts with tooltips, stacking, and color palette selection.
  • Axis grouping helps visualize multi-dimensional data.

Display KPI Trends, Goals, and Status in Cells

  • FlexPivot supports displaying KPI information such as Trend, Goal, and Status from the cube source.
  • Once the KPI fields are identified they can be added to value fields within the pivot panel.
  • FlexPivot has in-built graphics to show these KPIs such as Cylinder, Gauge, StandardArrow, VarianceArrow, RoadSigns, and TrafficLight.
  • Based on FlexChart, the pivot charts support a modern look with performance in mind.
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Print and Copy to Excel

  • The entire pivot table and charts can be printed directly from a built-in print preview dialog.
  • The data may be copied and pasted to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis or to further customize the report.

Works Across Multiple Data Sources

  • Pull multiple data sources into a single application or report.
  • Correlate and report on multiple data sources throughout an enterprise.
  • Deliver data from online or local cubes that users can drill down and parse more meaningfully.

Adding Data to a FlexPivot Application Connecting to a Cube Importing Data from Excel

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