NavBar: Outlook-style Navigation Bar for WinForms

  • Group menus and controls into distinct categories in WinForms apps
  • ComponentOne NavBar™ for WinForms mimics the Microsoft Outlook navigation bar
  • In NavBar for WinForms, any number of categories are represented by buttons
  • Each of these buttons have a header as well as a panel for adding information and additional controls
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Microsoft Outlook-Style UI

Group content and navigation menus into distinct categories, just like the navigation system used in Microsoft Outlook. This model helps you organize content and enables end-users to navigate through the content quickly.

Built-in Visual Styles

Choose from 11 built-in visual styles, including Office 2013 styles. Achieve these Microsoft Outlook-inspired looks by setting one property.


Collapsible Navigation Bar

Enable the NavBar to collapse on any edge of its container, including left, right, top, and bottom.


Run-time Customization

Customize the NavBar buttons at run time by clicking on the lower drop-down arrow button. Users can rearrange buttons and choose to show or hide certain buttons.

Stackable Buttons

Use the splitter bar to stack buttons into the strip bar located at the bottom of the navigation bar. When buttons overflow, they will appear in the drop-down menu for selection.


Embed Controls

Place any arbitrary controls inside each nav panel. Drag controls into the panels to embed them at design time.


Close Button

Enable end-users to close a single panel or the entire navigation bar with one property.

Extensive Design-time Support

ComponentOne NavBar features extensive design-time support, including ComponentOne SmartDesigner® technology. Activate the context-sensitive floating toolbars with one mouse click, and make changes right on the design surface. This no-code design experience provides hassle-free customization of the entire NavBar control.