More than 25 professionally-designed themes for WinForms

Choose one of our 25+ professionally-designed themes, or design your own theme completely from the ground up to fit your company branding and app's design. The included ThemeDesigner application features an intuitive user interface and a host of properties and settings, so you can customize your theme however you want.

Office 2016 Themes

Update your UI with the newly added Office 2016 themes and the newly-revitalized Ribbon control.

WinForms Themes

Smart Theme Controller

Because of the ThemeController's flexibility, you can choose which controls are themed individually, or apply themes to the entire application at once.

WinForms Themes

Comprehensive Theme Designer

ThemeDesigner exposes a host of properties and options of Studio for WinForms controls to the surface, making it possible for developers to change almost every aspect to suit their design needs.

No Code Design

You don’t have to be a developer to use Themes. There is no code involved when creating themes, so designers and developers alike are able to create stunning applications.

Make Changes When You Need To

Select your active theme on the fly or at design time with the intelligent ThemeController.

Themeable Scrollbars

FlexGrid, FlexPivot, GanttView and Scheduler controls all include themeable scrollbars.

WinForms Themes

FlexGrid themes and themeable scrollbars

Theme-Ready Project Templates

Quick-start your applications with theme-ready project templates.