• Same look and feel as the Microsoft Office Ribbon

    Ribbon for WinForms UI elements achieve a look that is pixel-perfect with the MS Office interface.

  • Design made easy with enhanced design-time support

    Write very little code thanks to a wide range of design-time support including smart tags and project templates.

  • 700+ stock images for ribbon items

    Get access to a large set of embedded images that you may use royalty-free with your apps. The Ribbon also supports font and vector icons that can be tinted and resized easily.

Collapse the Ribbon for a Simplified View

The new Ribbon for WinForms supports a collapsed, simplified view designed to help users focus on their work and collaborate naturally with others. Commands that do not fit in the simplified view become accessible from a drop-down menu. People who prefer to allow more space for the commands will still be able to expand the ribbon to the classic three-line view.

Complete with Backstage View & Quick Access Toolbar

Create a complete Ribbon Application with the backstage view (also known as the application menu) and quick access toolbar.

The Backstage View includes a tabbed list of main commands that operate on the application as a whole (such as the ‘File’ menu in Microsoft Word).

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) provides quick access for commonly used commands to increase productivity, and it can be located in the upper-left or below the ribbon.

40+ Themes including Microsoft Office Visual Styles

ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms offers over 40 built-in themes to choose from including Office 2013, Office 2016, and many more. If you want a more unique style you can create a custom style using the C1ThemeController.

Design Made Easy with Enhanced Visual Studio Design-time Support and Templates

Ribbon for WinForms enables .NET developers to build Microsoft Office-style applications with very little code.

Design-time support includes smart tags, context-sensitive floating toolbars activated with a single mouse click, collection editors, and more.

Easily create ribbon applications and add ribbon forms to your project with installed Visual Studio templates.

Includes over 20 different types of embedded controls that you can use to customize your ribbon including textboxes, buttons, color pickers, date pickers, split buttons, progress bars, galleries and many more

Classic Ribbon Visual Styles Included

If you’re looking for a more classic ribbon look-and-feel, the Classic Ribbon control is also included within the WinForms Edition. The Classic Ribbon supports a simpler Application Menu that was commonly seen in older versions of Office, as well as, Office 2007 and 2010 Visual Styles.

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