TouchToolkit: Gesture Controls for WinForms Apps

  • Enable a host of touch gestures for any control in your entire WinForms application.
  • With almost every organization incorporating more and more touch devices into their infrastructure, there's an ever-increasing need for developers to update their applications on the platforms they use to accommodate these devices
  • With the groundbreaking ComponentOne TouchToolkit for WinForms, the transition can be surprisingly simple
  • Now, using this toolkit, you can enable a host of touch gestures for any control in your entire application
  • Give your application a seamless feel and preserve a familiar user experience without adopting a new platform or technology
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Gesture Support

Easily navigate through your application with full-featured gestures like pinch-to-zoom, swipe, expand, and many more.

Touch-friendly Control Bar

Add an easy-to-use control bar to your applications to enable touch-friendly navigation.

Zoom, Magnification, and Pan Support

With zoom, magnification, and pan support, you can easily navigate through your applications even on the smallest Windows device.

Touch Support in any WinForms Application

Enable touch for your entire application, not just at the control level.