True DBGrid for WinForms

  • Quickly create databound grid apps in WinForms with True DBGrid
  • This .NET grid control features fast data access and data presentation, including Excel-like split views, grouping, filtering, exporting, printing, and customized navigation
  • Get loads of features by just setting a few properties


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Data Display

  • See how FlexGrid and TrueDBGrid compare to MSDataGridView
  • Create a fully-navigable database browser in seconds with universal .NET data binding
  • Add unbound columns to a bound grid, or create a fully unbound grid
  • Link two data sources in a master/detail relationship by setting one property and adding a few lines of code

Built-In Controls

  • Implement virtually any kind of drop-down cell-editing interface, including AutoComplete functions
  • Use the EditMask property to automatically format and validate user input
  • With drop-down controls and integrated masking, you won't have to use custom editors for most data types
  • In-cell objects allow for better data display and editing in the grid
  • Context-sensitive tooltips enable you to add information to the grid data when the user's mouse hovers over the grid
  • Display information related to the current record as a user scrolls with Scroll Tips

Grouping and Filtering

  • True DBGrid supports a GroupBy DataView that enables standard Microsoft Outlook-style grouping
  • True DBGrid includes many built-in aggregations you can apply by only setting one property per column, including:
    • Count
    • Sum
    • Average
    • Min
    • Max
    • Standard Deviation
    • Variance
    • Custom
  • Choose from several built-in interval grouping types that enable you to group rows alphabetically, by month, year, datespan, or even provide your own custom grouping logic
  • Implement custom end-user operations like incremental search and record set filtering using a filter bar
  • Try conditional filtering as an alternative to the filter bar

Data Views

  • Inverted Data View: Invert each row in your data into columns. The leftmost column becomes the top row, the second column becomes the second row, and so on
  • Hierarchical Data View: A hierarchical display presents the master data to users so that the related detail data can be viewed in the same grid with one mouse click
  • Multiline Data Views: Simultaneously view all of the columns of a record within the width of the grid without scrolling horizontally
  • Form Data View: Optimize your grid for data entry with Form View. Users have multiple ways to view and edit tabular data

Robust Styling and Formatting Options

  • Visual styles mimic the styles available in Office, including Blue, Silver, and Black
  • Fully customize every piece of the True DBGrid with a flexible style model
  • Apply different styles to individual cells depending on their contents
  • Create frozen columns anywhere in the grid
  • Excel-like splits enable you split the grid horizontally, vertically, or both
  • Merge adjacent like-valued cells within sorted column(s) for better grid readability
  • TrueDBGrid fully supports RTL (or "right-to-left") layout for Arabic and Hebrew cultures