Create a familiar tab control interface in WinForms with flexible behavior and styling

Orient, size, and style tabs any way you like. You can even create docking and floating tabs with ComponentOne DockingTab™ for WinForms.

Visual Studio-like Docking

DockingTab supports the common docking diamond interface made popular from Visual Studio. Just set the DockingStyle property of the CommandDock control to achieve this behavior.

WinForms Docking Tab


DockingTab supports autohiding when placed inside a CommandDock control. This means tabs can be minimized to any edge of the container and slide in or out when the user clicks on them.

Design-time Editors for Quick Styling

With the easy-to-use editors, you can quickly edit tab appearance like the tab style, size, and layout.

WinForms Docking Tab

Tab Behaviors

You have control over the behavioral properties for docking, floating, closing, and reordering tab pages. Give end users the ability to close and move tabs with the CanCloseTabs and CanMovetabs properties.

Close Tabs

Display a close button on each tab or on the caption bar. Just set the CloseBox property to your desired position for the close button.

WinForms Docking Tab

Tab List

Show all available tabs in a drop-down list so users can quickly navigate. Simply set the ShowTabList property to True.

WinForms Docking Tab

More Alignment Options

Select from various tab alignment options:

  • Align tabs along the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right of the control
  • Position tabs Near, Far, or Center relative to the alignment
  • Stretch and squeeze tabs to fit the available space
  • Turn on multiline or scrolling to handle many more tabs

Hide Tabs

Simply hide the tabs of DockingTab to create multi-page forms like wizards. The benefit of using DockingTab is that you get full, drag-and-drop design-time support for each tab page, making it easy to have mulitple forms contained in one tab.

More Tab Styles

Add more style to your tabbed interface with DockingTab. Choose from 12 visual styles, including Office designs. You can also set the TabStyle property to get sloping or rounded tabs.

WinForms Docking Tab