Easy to use, Microsoft Word-style Spellcheck for WinForms

Just drop the SpellChecker and text box on your Windows Form, set one property, and experience Microsoft Word-like spell checking.

Code-free Text Box Integration

Use the extender SpellCheck property to link the SpellChecker component to any text box-derived control. No code is necessary.

Fastest SpellChecker

SpellChecker for WinForms can process 400,000 words per second.

As-you-type Spell Checking

As you type, a red, wavy underline indicates any spelling mistakes. Right-click on the error to show a context menu with spelling suggestions.

WinForms SpellChecker

Dialog Box Spell Checking

Use the CheckControl method to check the content of any text box using a modal dialog box, and SpellChecker for WinForms will automatically highlight suspect words.

WinForms SpellChecker

Spell Checking Intelligence

SpellChecker is intelligent enough to differentiate between upper and lower case. For example, "paul" is marked as a spelling mistake, while "Paul" is not.

Spell Checking Support for Other Types of Controls

SpellChecker supports programmatic interfaces that can be used to add spell checking functionality to other kinds of controls, like grids.

Includes 21 Reference Dictionaries

SpellChecker provides a wide range of dictionaries to enable the developer to create Word-like implementations within applications. SpellChecker includes 21 international dictionaries.

Full Dialog Box Customization

Incorporate your organization's look and feel into SpellChecker. Add customizable images, text, buttons, and more to the default spelling dialog box.

Interactive Context Menu

Right-click on a misspelled word, and the default context menu offers a list of suggestions, the option to Ignore All, use AutoCorrect, or choose a word from the spelling dialog box.

WinForms SpellChecker

Flexibility to Create Custom Dictionaries

Using the dictionary editor, create and maintain custom-built dictionary files to distribute with your application — which is helpful for words specific to certain industries.

Spell Checking for Strings of Code

Create custom text parsers to spell check strings of code like C# and VB code files.

Spell Checking for Web Controls

You can use the SpellChecker control to spell check controls that derive from the WebBrowser class.