GanttView: Gantt Chart Control for WPF

  • Deliver a Microsoft Project-like user experience for project management in WPF apps
  • GanttView's graphically diagrammed schedule helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project
  • Manage projects effectively and efficiently with added support for constraints, dependencies, resources, and styles
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Set Constraints, Predecessors, and Dependencies

Manage everything about your tasks. Set constraints on start and end dates, assign predecessors and dependencies, and assign any number of resources to a task in a user-friendly UI. Validation also alerts users when conflicts arise.

Automate Scheduling or Keep it Manual

When set to automatic scheduling, the GanttView calculates the best earliest and latest dates for a task based on the user's task duration, number of resources, and so on. In case of any change in the schedule, GanttView automatically adjusts the project schedule for optimum results. Manual scheduling does not change scheduling automatically, so users without adequate information can still plan projects.

Configure Calendar Timescales

Create and save custom calendar settings that specify working weeks, times, and exceptions. Manage the timescale by specifying the Date/Time format for up to three tiers through run-time dialog boxes.

Access Top Features through the Toolbar

GanttView's built-in toolbar contains the most common commands, including:

  • Load and save
  • Undo and redo
  • Move a task up or down
  • Edit, add, or delete tasks
  • Edit field styles
  • Add blank row
  • Show project summary
  • Group, filter, and sort
  • Edit working time, project resources, and timescale
  • Change working time
  • Zoom in on an entire project or a selected task
  • Print

Import and Export Project Plans

Store and load your project schedule in XML format or from Microsoft Project.