Add ease-of-use and simplify binding in WPF

ComponentOne DataSourceā„¢ for Entity Framework adds ease-of-use and performance enhancements to the Microsoft Entity Framework. It simplifies data binding by improving design-time support and solving common problems related to loading, paging, filtering, and saving data. It also provides performance enhancements like data caching and asynchronous data virtualization for navigating infinitely large data sets.

Entity Framework Support

  • Use any Entity Framework workflow to generate data models that are compatible with DataSource
  • Supports the latest version of Entity Framework and its new, simpler DbContext API

WPF datasource

Simplify Data Binding with DataSource

  • Set up your views directly on the designer surface using property dialogs and minimal code
  • Apply a server-side filter, sorting capabilities, and group descriptors quickly at design time
  • Complete your data binding in code, if you prefer
  • Speed up queries and provide live views with the LiveLinq extension library
  • Shape your view with LINQ operators while keeping full updating and binding capabilities

WPF datasource

Performance and Speed

  • Navigate through infinitely large data sets asynchronously with Virtual Mode technology
  • Check the client-side cache first when querying the data, improving performance and speed with fewer trips to and from the server

WPF datasource