• Familiar, Excel-Like Experience

    FlexGrid's interactive features mimic Microsoft Excel. Users enjoy familiar features such as keyboard navigation, cell selection, editing, sorting, freezing, as well as Excel import and export.

  • Full-Feature WPF Datagrid

    Users have full control over how each cell is rendered and includes cell render control, using cell factories, and more built-in features.

  • Hierarchical Datagrid

    Aggregate data and display dynamic hierarchical views in your desktop application. Group data with summaries or create nested grids and child content using the row details feature. 

  • Fast and Lightweight

    FlexGrid supports data virtualization. You can load data on-demand as the user scrolls. This is due in part to the C1CollectionView component. Its modularized assemblies allow you to add just the features you need while not adding bloat to your desktop applications.

  • Data Binding & Styling in XAML

    Populate FlexGrid and databind each column following the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) design pattern. FlexGrid's WPF datagrid can be declaratively written and bound to in XAML using native binding techniques. Easily apply styles and change common colors without having to customize the XAML template.