Linear & Radial Gauge Controls for WPF

ComponentOne Gauges for WPF includes several gauge controls to enhance your data visualizations and business dashboards.

  • Get fluent, modern looking gauges with data bound animation
  • Customize your gauges with marks, labels, and ranges
  • Collect user input with interactive knob-style gauges
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Why Choose Gauges for WPF?

Create Dynamic Dashboards

Gauges add a unique style to your business dashboards. Bring your data visualizations to life with eye-catching and interactive gauges.

More Gauge Options

The WPF Gauges include several different gauge controls to choose from beyond the basic radial and linear gauges.

Create Highly Styled Gauges

In addition to flat, modern styles, the WPF Gauges support face and cover plates for more stylized looks.

.NET Framework WPF Gauges

WPF Radial Gauge

Radial Gauge

WPF Linear Gauge

Linear & Ruler Gauges

WPF Speedometer Gauge


WPF Volume Gauge

Volume Gauge

WPF Interactive Gauge

Interactive Knob

WPF Interactive Region Gauge

Interactive Region Gauge

WPF Gauge Key Features

Customize Your Gauges with Decorators

ComponentOne Gauges have a simple, yet flexible object model. Set a few properties to change the pointer cap size and appearance. Add any number of decorators (tick marks, labels, and ranges) to the gauge at any position.

Flexible Data Binding

Bind the gauge values and ranges in XAML following MVVM best practices. The gauges also support an off mode for when the value is null or it falls outside the range.

Create Professional-Looking Gauges

Our WPF Gauges for .NET Framework have properties that provide extensive customization without requiring any changes to the XAML template. You can customize the face plate and cover to create professional-looking gauges with lighting and glass effects. Of course, you can extend and customize the gauges further by modifying the provided control templates.

Additional Features

Interactive and Touch-Enabled

Users can tap or drag the pointer to select a value. Interactive gauges are an alternative to text-based editors or sliders and create a unique experience for users.

Animation Support

Add animation to the gauge by moving the pointer using C# or VB.NET code.