HyperPanel: Automatic Zoom for WPF

  • Provide an automatic zoom effect for items near the mouse in WPF
  • Without using scrollbars, place any elements in the panel to achieve carousel-like effects and display a large number of elements in a small container
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Control the Zoom Effect

Determine how much zooming should be applied when the mouse moves over the panel. Use the Distribution property to control the strength of the zoom effect.

Limit the Zoom Effect

Use the MinElementScale property to prevent items from getting too small.

Control Item Opacity

Use the ApplyOpacity property to make elements near the mouse opaque. Items far from the mouse become more transparent, conveying an idea of distance.

Dynamic Zooming

With HyperPanel for WPF, you can display a large number of items in a small space. Items far from the mouse are shrunk and don’t take up much space.