More Than 20 Professionally-Designed Themes for WPF

Get 23 complete, professional themes inspired by popular interfaces like Microsoft Office, Expression Blend, Material, and Modern UI.

23 Complete, Professional Themes

Build professional-looking applications without the need of a designer using our themes library. Our WPF themes include the latest modern themes, like Office 2016. For a complete list and code examples of how to apply a theme, read Theming Studio WPF Edition.

WPF Themes

Consistent and Implicit Styling

Out of the box, every ComponentOne Studio control is designed to fit in perfectly with the already-great set of controls Microsoft and Visual Studio provide. You don't need to worry about an inconsistent appearance across your application: each control uses the Implicit Style Manager for designing themes, which is the same standard used by Microsoft controls. This makes it easy to customize a ComponentOne Studio control’s appearance without having to learn some other approach for creating themes.

Easily Create Your Own Theme

Thanks to our innovative ClearStyle technology, creating a custom theme is as easy as it gets. With ClearStyle, developers can easily change control colors without having to modify control templates. By just setting a few brush properties in Visual Studio, you can quickly give a control a unique look without having to work in Expression Blend or be a professional designer.

WPF Themes

Control Templates Included

If themes and ClearStyle aren't enough, we also provide all the style resources and templates, so you can customize them to meet your requirements. All of the control templates and resource files are included with ComponentOne Studio WPF Edition, and they can be imported into Expression Blend or Visual Studio.

Microsoft Ribbon Control Support

ComponentOne Studio Themes for WPF extends support for the Microsoft Ribbon control in .NET 4.5. Office 2016 themes now work for all standard Microsoft controls. Don’t sacrifice aesthetics!

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