OrgChart: Hierarchical Diagram for WPF apps

  • Create hierarchical diagrams in WPF that show your data's structure and relationships
  • ComponentOne OrgChart™ for WPF leverages the rich data binding mechanisms of the platform to provide flexible yet easy-to-use control
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Flexible Data Binding

Bind the OrgChart control to a single entity containing subitems or an IEnumerable collection of items, which each can contain subitems. The control also supports advanced binding scenarios to create complex hierarchical displays using a HierarchicalDataTemplate.

Customize Item Appearances

You have full control over how items appear by defining simple DataTemplates, or you can use a DataTemplateSelector to provide a different look for certain nodes based on business logic. You can also adjust the spacing, alignment, flow direction, and line style of items by quickly setting properties on the control.

Expand and Collapse Items

Enable the user to hide an item's children to create a more compact display. The OrgChart control nodes have an IsCollapsed property that allows you to collapse or expand each node, similar to a TreeView.