Classic Outlook-style Navigation Bar

ComponentOne OutlookBar for WPF provides a complete navigation bar for your .NET Framework applications.

  • Create a collapsible sidebar panel
  • Group and organize complex navigation options
  • Apply 20+ WPF themes
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Why Choose OutlookBar for WPF?

Mimic Microsoft Outlook

Provide a familiar navigation UI. The WPF OutlookBar is a complete recreation of the classic Microsoft Outlook navigation bar.

Create Sidebar Navigation

Use the WPF navigation bar to create your application's sidebar with collapsible groups. The control can also be collapsed to a smaller layout.

WPF OutlookBar Key Features

Microsoft Outlook-style UI

Group content and navigation menus into distinct categories, just like the navigation system used in Microsoft Outlook. This model helps you organize content and enables end users to navigate quickly.

Fully Functional Collapsed View

Enable the WPF OutlookBar control to collapse to the left or right of the window. The control remains completely functional when it's collapsed. Users can still select navigation groups when the control is collapsed, and the upper panel is displayed as a fly-out.

Overflow and Runtime Customization

At runtime, use the splitter bar to stack buttons into the collapsed item panel located at the bottom of the control. When buttons overflow, they will appear in the drop-down menu for selection. Users can drag the splitter to collapse groups or select which groups are visible from the menu.