A Complete Rich Text Editor for WPF With a Built-in, Modern UI Toolbar

  • Import and export documents in HTML and RTF formats
  • Includes complete toolbars with localized resources to save development time
  • Format text styles, alignment, wrapping, bulleted lists, pictures, tables and hyperlinks
  • Users will enjoy revision history, clipboard support, and built-in spell-checking while editing
  • Supports input for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages
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Why Choose Rich Text Editor for WPF?

Complete WYSIWYG rich text editing

Edit and format rich text containing multiple fonts, decorations, sizes, colors, and other basic HTML and RTF features such as pictures and tables.

Includes simplified and ribbon-style toolbars

Choose among the new simplified toolbar for a modern look-and-feel, the classic ribbon toolbar, or add a radial touch-inspired menu for all your text editing.

Printing and paging like Microsoft Word

Edit documents in either draft view or print layout like Microsoft Word. Print layout supports continuous page flow and zooming.

Complete Rich Text Formatting

The C1RichTextBox control supports all of the formatting features you need in a rich text editor:

  • Font: font family, font size, grow & shrink font, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, change case, superscript, subscript, font color, text highlight color
  • Paragraph: text alignment, wrapping, bulleted & numbered lists,
  • Insert: pictures, hyperlinks, tables, hyperlinks, symbols, notes and annotations.
  • Edit: Clipboard (cut, copy, paste, format painter), revision history (undo, redo), spell-checking, find and replace.
  • View: print & draft layouts, show line numbers, and zooming

Create and Manage Tables with Ease

  • The C1RichTextBox control makes it easy to create and edit tables in HTML & RTF documents.
  • Insert new tables, rows, and columns with the click of a button.
  • Specify individual cell borders, sizes, and text alignments.
  • Merge cells and convert plain text to tables, just like in Microsoft Word.

Spell-Check in Over 20 Languages

  • As-you-type spell checking with a wavy, red underlines that highlights misspelled words.
  • Includes 22 international dictionaries free for you to distribute with your application.
  • The dictionary is customizable; users can choose to ignore, add to dictionary, or pick a suggestion to correct the mistake automatically.
  • Spell-checking by modal dialog is also supported.

Add a Radial Context Menu for Touch Users

  • Using the C1RadialMenu control, you can provide a complete contextual menu for text formatting.
  • The radial UI paradigm, based off of Microsoft OneNote, is ideal for touch-based users and smaller screens where there isn't room for a giant toolbar.
  • Every rich text formatting command can be supported through the nested radial menu.

Import and Export Text as HTML and RTF

  • Patterned after the Document class in WPF, the C1Document object model (DOM) can be used to create and modify documents programmatically.
  • The C1RichTextBox control imports and converts RTF and HTML documents to the C1Document model for display & editing.
  • Export or convert the edited document to RTF or HTML.