ToolBar: Microsoft-Style Ribbon for WPF

  • Add organization and elegance to your WPF application
  • ComponentOne Toolbar™ for WPF provides Microsoft Ribbon-like toolbars, buttons, and toolstrips so you can create professional-looking apps that wow your users
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Simplified ribbon

This Toolbar-based control occupies the middle ground between a ribbon a toolbar, providing a single-line collapsed state, or a three-line ribbon-like appearance, and its design is influenced by Microsoft's ever-evolving Office 365 ribbon.

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Overflow Support

When the form is resized smaller, toolbar strips and groups collapse to accommodate available space. This occurs automatically by default, but can be set to occur never, always, or as needed. No command is ever out of reach, and scrollbars are never necessary.

Tabs and Groups

Organize related commands together using tabs and groups. For example, you can group similar toolbar buttons, like the ones related to the font or the Clipboard. You can label each tab and group to best describe the commands within them and the actions they perform.

Styled Buttons and Drop-downs

As a container control, ToolBar supports any UIElement. Place several different types of included controls in the toolbar, like buttons, toggle buttons, separators, and drop-down controls. Attach event handlers, or take advantage of the commanding framework to add behavior to each control.

WPF Command Framework Support

Support the WPF command framework with Toolbar for WPF. Create single commands — each including a title, a small image source, and a large image source — and share them throughout your toolbars.

Ribbon-like Features

Toolbar has built-in Microsoft Ribbon-like features, including a collapse button, a help button, and dialog launcher buttons.

Lightweight ToolbarStrip

Use ToolbarStrip separately to create a lightweight tool strip for simple scenarios.

Horizontal/Vertical Orientation

For your toolbar, select from horizontal — which is the default — or vertical orientations.

Easily Change Colors with ClearStyle

Because ToolBar for WPF supports ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology, you can change control brushes without having to override templates. By setting a few brush properties in Visual Studio, you can style the entire toolbar.