Create date-driven dashboards and scheduling apps in WPF

Navigate multiple months, select date ranges, and integrate seamlessly with the Scheduler control to create a complete, Microsoft Outlook-like calendar application.

Select multiple months

Provide date selection that spans multiple months with the Calendar control. Users can quickly navigate months and years by clicking the arrow buttons or by clicking the drop-down month list on the calendar header. Limit the number of days or weeks that a user can select by setting one property.

WPF Calendar

Synchronize with Scheduler

The Calendar control integrates seamlessly with ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF for a complete, Outlook-style calendar navigation system. Calendar and Scheduler share the same calendar settings, making setup a snap.

WPF Calendar

Interactive Navigation

Users can interact with the Calendar control to navigate months by clicking the arrow buttons on the calendar header. Users can also conveniently navigate to a different month or year by clicking the drop-down lists on the calendar header.

WPF Calendar

Date Selections

Allow users to select any number of days. Control exactly how many days can be selected by setting the MaxSelectionCount property.

WPF Calendar

Easy and Flexible Styling Model

Calendar exposes brushes for each visible part of the control, making it possible for you to fully customize the style without having to modify the control's template. The control's parts include: background, border, month header, navigation buttons, days of week, selected day, today's date, weekend days, and adjacent month days.

WPF Calendar

Globalization Support

Calendar uses calendar settings that are defined for the current thread culture. This includes localized month names, days of week names and abbreviations. You can also customize calendar settings like the start of the week and the set of working days through the CalendarHelper class.