Improve the look and navigation of your WPF apps with the modern, minimalistic simplified ribbon

This new control occupies the middle ground between a ribbon a toolbar, providing a single-line collapsed state, or a three-line ribbon-like appearance, and its design is influenced by Microsoft's ever-evolving Office 365 ribbon.

WPF Simplified Ribbon

Simpler, better version of the Microsoft Simplified Ribbon

Microsoft provides their own Ribbon control for WPF, but the control large, complicated, and not always straightforward to customize. The Simplified Ribbon is meant to act as an alternative to that control with a much simpler API and straightforward customization options.

Customize the ribbon groups

Since the Simplified Ribbon is an extension of the Toolbar control, it comes with a similar API. The control includes:

  • SimplifiedTabGroup holds the marquee and toggles the collapse state
  • SimplifiedTabItem elements are the Header items that are topmost and selected with the marquee
  • SimplifiedRibbonGroup elements are the children of each tab.

Inside these groups you can use any of the existing Toolbar such as Buttons, Dropdowns, SplitButtons, etc.

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