A new spin on an old classic

Extending the FlexGrid control, FlexSheet provides additional Microsoft Excel-like functionality for your WPF applications. Easily import spreadsheets, apply formulas, manipulate rows, and perform cell styling. It's the FlexGrid you know and love, but with more features aimed at delivering a more Excel-like experience.

*FlexSheet for WPF is available only in ComponentOne Ultimate.

Familiar, Fast, and Flexible

  • FlexSheet is focused on key features from Excel — but in a smaller, faster package
  • A small core on HTML5, JavaScript, and ASP.NET offers limitless possibilities for extensibility
  • FlexSheet's features — from keyboard navigation to data entry — were designed to feel familiar and help your users skip training

WPF FlexSheet

Worksheet and Excel Support

  • Import, edit, and export Microsoft Excel files (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Manage multiple worksheets with an Excel-like tabbed interface
  • Switch between sheets, edit content directly on the sheet, and update content via code
  • Manipulate sheets within a workbook: create new sheets, delete sheets, rename sheets, and so on.
  • Add, delete, or fix rows and columns in a sheet
  • Show or hide header and grid lines

WPF FlexSheet

Formatting and Style Features

  • Analyze and evaluate Excel-style formulas with FlexSheet's own formula engine
  • Built-in functions like Aggregate, Statistic, and Trigonometric are supported
  • Include references to other sheet or cell values
  • FlexSheet displays an error message when it catches an invalid formula
  • Customize cell styles, including font, color, placement, and borders
  • Specify the display format for numbers, currency, percentage, and date
  • Apply styles and formatting to the whole sheet, including rows, columns, cells, and cell ranges

WPF FlexSheet