Lists with tile layouts or optical zoom in WPF

Display lists with tile layouts or with optical zoom using the ListBox and TileListBox controls. These controls support UI virtualization: not only are they blazing fast, but you can also display complex items with support for preview templates.

Boost ListBox Performance

  • Display thousands of items at top speed with UI virtualization
  • With ViewportGap and ViewportPreviewGap, you can determine how many items are rendered in each layout pass
  • Provide a separate template when items are in a preview state to improve performance
  • Optical zoom keeps performance stable when users manipulate item size and provides a smooth, fluid transformation

WPF ListBox

Display Options

  • Choose from more layout scenarios with horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Create a tile display, and arrange items in both rows and columns
  • Specify the size and template of each item and select your orientation

WPF ListBox