Easy to use, Microsoft Word-style Spellcheck for WPF

ComponentOne SpellChecker for WPF provides Microsoft Word-like spell checking that's capable of processing 400,000 words per second, and it's supported in more than 20 different languages.

Easy to Use

Because SpellChecker offers a quick solution for implementing spell checking in WPF applications, you can implement and deploy spell checking with minimal effort. All it takes to check spelling on a control is one call to the CheckControl method.

WPF Spell Checker

Most Efficient

On typical systems, SpellChecker is capable of spell checking about 400,000 words per second. The spelling dictionaries are compressed and easy to maintain.

Flexible Spell Checking

SpellChecker for WPF provides several spell checking services:

  • Check spelling on strings and controls, and get suggestions for misspelled words.
  • Because SpellChecker has interface-based architecture, you can check the spelling on any controls that contain text — as well as implement custom spell dialogs, dictionaries, and text parsers.
  • With the control's SpellOptions property, you can fine tune the spell-checking options.

Multilanguage Support

SpellChecker ships with more than 20 international spell dictionaries, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Swedish, and Greek.