Customizable, flexible Xamarin Calendars

Provide date range selection and visualize custom data on a calendar in your mobile apps. Calendar comes complete with intuitive navigation and selection gestures, animation and built-in globalization. Plus, you can match any popular calendar UI with horizontal or vertical navigation.

Xamarin Calendar

Intuitive Navigation and Selection with Touch Gestures

  • Navigate by swiping left or right or tap the built-in navigation buttons
  • Quickly jump to any month, year or decade by tapping the header once or twice
  • Select a single day or a range of days that can span multiple months with simple tap gestures

Xamarin Calendar
Xamarin Calendar

Customize the Calendar Appearance and Behavior

  • Match any popular calendar UI with horizontal or vertical navigation
  • Fully manage the selection logic such as disabling weekends and holidays
  • Display custom content in the day slots such as images and text
  • Customize the appearance, including the header, to match any style

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