ActiveReports 12 Server includes a host of great new features ofr the end user, including report templates, one-time scheduled report execution, shared datasets, CSV export, and the ability to monitor worker processes. You'll also find faster rendering for large reports, and new beta: the JavaScript report viewer.

What's New in ActiveReports 12 Server


New ActiveReports Branding

You may have noticed a new look across all GrapeCity products! We've updated all of our developer solutions product lines to better reflect the full family of products. Over the next year, we'll continue integrating the new brand into ActiveReports' demos, documentation, and installers, and improve the UX and performance, as well.

Fully Customizable Report Templates for the Web Designer

Give end users a starting point for ad-hoc reports and ensure consistency and branding with the new custom report templates! Developers can create new report templates, or users can select from a list of provided templates like blank reports, pre-formatted letters, stock sized labels, and certificate templates. These templates are secured by roles and intrinsically support multi-tenant environments.

Report templates:

Additional enhancements to the Web Designer include:

  • Page report support
  • Subreport support
  • Enhanced themes and styles support
  • Optimizations for reports based on semantic data models

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One-time scheduled report execution

Start a scheduled task immediately, rather than waiting for pre-defined recurrence! With one-time scheduled report execution, you can move on to other tasks while the server runs the report, and you'll get an email when the report is ready.

Create shared datasets in the Admin Dashboard

Create shared datasets directly on the browser-based administrator dashboard--there's no longer any need to install the ClickOnce End User Designer to manage shared datasets. In addition, ActiveReports Server customers can create datasets and data sources without purchasing an ActiveReports Professional Pro license.

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Monitor worker processes

View a list of all report requests currently running on the server on the new Worker States page in the administrator dashboard. You'll see the number of jobs running on each agent so you can allow for better resource management.

Worker Jobs

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Faster rendering for large reports

ActiveReports Server optimized the report rendering process in the current version. With the new version, we have made further enhancements to allow large reports to run faster for end users.

New Beta: View ActiveReports on the Server with the JSViewer

The new, lightweight JSViewer allows for faster report rendering with rich interactivity and responsive viewing. Not only do the reports respond faster, but since the server is freed up sooner, your deployment can scale even better. The JSViewer is currently in beta and will replace the HTML5 Viewer as the default viewer in future versions.

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