ActiveReports 11 is faster than ever before. Now with native support for JSON, CSV, and XML data sources, you can access data from NoSQL data sources. Multiple-axis charts, Excel layout imports, PDF print presets, HTML5 viewer enhancements, and multiple data sets in one data region add up to a better report design-time and run-time experience.

What's New in ActiveReports 11 SP2


Drill Through to Reports Using an Expression

Drill-through reports have always been a way to share more detailed data on demand. Now, in RDL and Page reports, you can late bind to the detail report with an expression based on parameters and run-time conditions.

Drill Through to Reports Using an Expression

Continuous Page View in the HTML5 Viewer

We listened to our users and heard that you love to scroll in your browser rather than clicking buttons for page navigation. So we added the continuous page view from our other report viewers to the HTML5 viewer. With report pages one below the other, you can scroll to your heart's content.

Continuous Page View

Auto-Merge Cells in the Tablix Data Region

Pivot reports can be very complex to lay out because at design time, little is known about the data possibilities at run time. To make it easier, we automatically merge cells that have recurring content for a cleaner-looking tabular report. Who doesn't love a report that is easier to read and to interpret?

AutoMerge Cells

Multi-Tenant Support for Defining Shared Data

Developers and report authors with ActiveReports Server have long enjoyed the multi-tenant features we built into shared data sources and datasets for the server. With this release, you too can test connectivity and verify data while modifying data sources and datasets. This means no more waiting for someone to design a report to confirm the functionality of your shared data.

Multi-Tenant Shared Data

HTML5 Chart SVG Rendering

In the HTML5 viewer, we now draw charts using Scalable Vector Graphics technology (SVG) that allows us to keep them looking smooth even when you zoom in on them on high-resolution devices. Click Learn More to see full-sized before and after images.

SVG Chart Rendering

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HTML5 Table and Tablix Rendering

We have also significantly improved the precision of table and tablix lines and text in the HTML5 viewer so that even complex tables look sharp and crisp. Click Learn More to see full-sized before and after images.

SVG Table Before & After

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HTML5 Chart Tooltips

Another enhancement to charts makes for a more interactive report viewing experience. The new Tooltip property lets you enter an expression to display data in tooltip text when you mouse over chart data in the HTML5 viewer.

Chart Tooltips

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HTML5 Frozen Headers

RDL reports with a lot of data in Table and Tablix data regions are best viewed in Galley mode for pageless scrolling. But then you have orphaned data when the headers scroll out of sight. Not any more! We've added FrozenRows and FrozenColumns properties to make your data intelligible.

Frozen Headers

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Multiple Data Sets in One Data Region

With the new Lookup function, you can now display data from multiple datasets in one data region. This helps you to implement some of your most difficult data scenarios with an expression that resolves one-to-one relationships between data sets.

Multiple Data Sets

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Faster Report Rendering

ActiveReports 11 is faster than any of the earlier versions with an optimized rendering process. We have refactored the report engine using the latest technologies to improve all-around performance for small reports as well as large (1000+ page) reports. The report engine offers:

  • 2x faster first page load times
  • 1.5x faster PDF export file generation
  • 60% smaller peak memory footprint

Faster Report Rendering

Composite Charts

Use the new composite charts in RDL and Page Reports to create complex visualizations with multiple Y-axes. You can now plot several metrics and merge line, bar, and area plots on the same chart.

Composite Chart

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Native Support for JSON Data

Source data from JSON files, web services, and REST API using the new built-in JSON data provider. You can also define a JSON Schema to make it easier to reference the columns in your report. You can also use the JSON schema to validate the data source at runtime.

JSON Provider

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Native Support for CSV Files

With the new built-in CSV Data Provider, you can use comma-separated, tab-separated, and plain text files as data sources for your reports. The flexible CSV parsing wizard helps to configure the data provider for text identifiers, delimiters, and a host of other options.

CSV Provider

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Improved XML Data Provider

A simplified user interface, an XML Query Designer to let you navigate and choose data, and support for web-service-based XML sources are just a few of the enhancements you'll find in the XML Data Provider in ActiveReports 11.

XML Query Builder

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Import Report Layouts from Excel Files

Create RDL report layouts in ActiveReports by importing Excel files. You can specify repeating rows, text regions, and other data controls and map them from cells to ActiveReports report items. You can also use Excel as an intermediary file for importing your report layouts from other report design tools.

ActiveReports Import Wizard

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PDF Rendering Extension Enhancements

ActiveReports 11 includes an optimized PDF rendering extension that improves the PDF file size and exports reports faster. The Pro Edition offers advanced settings for printing presets in exported PDF file properties.

PDF Print Presets

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Galley Mode in the HTML5 Viewer

The HTML5 JavaScript Viewer now has a Galley Mode button that lets you view large reports without page breaks. This is especially beneficial when you work with dashboard reports and Tablix data regions where the report can grow horizontally as well as vertically.

HTML5 Galley Mode

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New API Properties

We have added new properties to the already extensive ActiveReports Professional API to make your life even easier and give you more control.

Some of these are:

  • PageReportDesignerActions in the End User Designer
  • OverwriteOutputFile in all rendering extensions
  • OptimizeStatic in the PDF rendering extension

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Additional Enhancements

And that's not all! ActiveReports 11 has new features in many areas which developers like you have been requesting.

Some of these include:

  • MicroQR Symbology in the BarCode report item
  • New Content Menu Options in the Table data region
  • Improved Design-Time Usability in the Tablix data region

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