ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2014 v3

VSFlex8 version 8.0.20141.302

Bug Fixes: ADO does not throw exceptions when adding new records.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2014 v2

Chart8 version 8.0.20132.97

Bug Fixes: Processing axis anotations with all negative values now works correctly.

VSView8 version 8.0.20132.171

Improvements: Improved PDF font rendering.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2014 v1

Query8 version 8.0.20141.38

Bug Fixes:Fixed IE11 compatibility.

VSFlex8 version 8.0.20141.300

Bug Fixes: Fixed buffer overrun vulnerability in the ComboList/ColComboList properties.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2013 v3

SizerOne version 8.0.20133.150

Bug Fixes: C1Elastic no longer interferes with ComboBox text selection in some cases.

TrueDBGrid Pro version 8.0.20133.372

Bug Fixes: This build corrects a problem with InactiveBackColor and InactiveForeColor invocations upon loss of focus. An exception issue associated with the RightToLeft property in the PropertyPages has been fixed. This build correctly restricts the setting of the RightToLeft property based on the value of the GetSystemMetrics(SM_MIDEASTENABLED) result. This build eliminates an exception when checking the checkbox column values in the BeforeColUpdate and AfterColUpdate events.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2013 v2

TrueDBList8 version 8.0.20132.364

Bug Fixes: User input is no longer blocked in the file dialog box when printing to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer.

VSView8 version 8.0.20132.170

Improvements: Improved RTF export logic for table borders.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2013 v1

No changes.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2012 v3

No changes.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2012 v2

Chart8 version 8.0.20122.96

Bug Fixes: Internal changes. Processing axis time base values now works correctly. Company and copyright messages now indicate GrapeCity, Inc. Charts with negative offsets now correctly display with fast updates.

TrueDBInput version 8.0.20122.31

Bug Fixes: Internal Calculator DropDown does not open and Application freezes when dropdown button is clicked. Fixed.

VSFlex8 version 8.0.20121.29

Bug Fixes: Fixed Unicode export to XLS.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2012 v1

TrueDBGrid version 8.0.20121.365

Bug Fixes: Using the Columns.Value property in the BeforeColUpdate wasn't returning the correct value when using TDBDropdown with value translation and having duplicate DisplayValues. Fixed. CellTips won't display on secondary monitor in a Dual Monitor scenario. Fixed. Fixed incorrect printing with merged cells.

VSView8 version 8.0.20121.166

Bug Fixes: Ignores link targets with invalid lengths (zero or greater than 1024 chars).

VSView Reporting Edition version 20121.187

Bug Fixes: Parameter dialog did not allow user to type strings longer than the text box. Fixed. Section OnFormat and OnPrint properties did not show editor button on Property window. Fixed.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2011 v2

Chart8 8.0.20111.90

Bug Fixes: Built with Visual Studio 2010. Previous builds were built with VS 6.0. Chart2D and Chart3D now implement double buffers more effectively when hosted by ATL containers.

VSFlex8 8.0.20111.282

Bug Fixes: Removed the limit of 64k rows and 256 columns when exporting to Excel. Those limits have been removed from Excel 2007, so we have removed them from the FlexGrid as well.

VSView8 8.0.20111.162

Bug Fixes: Fixed licensing issue with VB6's Licenses collection and the VSPDF control.

WebChart8 8.0.20111.57

Improvements: Return to building with VS 6.0. Builds with VS2010 have problems due to changes in ATL. Change to VS2010 make take place at a later date. Changes consistent with the new OCX charts.

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2011 v1


Improvements: Rebuilt C1Query8.ocx using Visual Studio 2010 for compatibility with the 64 bit version.

Bug Fixes: VB6 no longer crashes when opening a form containing a C1Query component.

True DBInput

Improvements: Static link of VC++ libraries. This makes the files slightly larger, but ensures correct behavior in all environments.

True DBList

Bug Fixes: The correct version number is displayed in the About box. Version information is now visible in Windows 7.


Bug Fixes: Fixed issue with hand cursor. The static link is to Visual Studio 2008 run-time library (instead of VS2010). This is required to support Win2000 and other older operating systems. See Restored chaptered rowset support required for hierarchical and filtered rowsets. The SaveExcel method has been fixed. Outlining has been fixed. The maximum number of subtotal levels has been set back to 128.


Improvements: Improved VSPdf rendering of metafiles, especially VSFlex images with cell borders. Static link to VS2008 runtime library (instead of VS2010). This is required to support Win2000 and other older operating systems. See

Bug Fixes: Fixed VSPdf clipping issue. Fixed issue with optional parameters.

VSView Reporting Edition

Improvements: Improved error-handling when rendering subreports []. The static link is to VS2008 runtime library (instead of VS2010). This is required to support Win2000 and other older operating systems. See

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2010 v3


VSFlexGridBugFixes: Improved F2 detection VSFlexGrid now supports editing very long strings, no longer using stack-bound _alloca.

VSFlexGridImprovements: Removed the dependency introduced in build 254 (Visual Studio 2010).


VSViewBugFixes: Removed dependency introduced in build 181 (Visual Studio 2010).