GcExcel v2 Service Pack 1

Add rich text to spreadsheet cells

GcExcel adds support for adding rich text to a cell, to achieve multiple styles on different parts of the text within a cell. You can set various font properties on the cell text through the API, and the rich text is supported during Excel I/O, JSON I/O and PDF exporting. You can create rich text and then configure the font for a range of text characters; or add, enumerate, operate and configure all text runs of the rich text.

Add rich text to spreadsheet cells

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Load, save, and preserve Excel files containing macros (I/O .xslm)

Now GcExcel can load and save .xlsm files that contain macros. The macros would not be executed, but are preserved when any operation is performed on the Excel file or during import/export of the Excel file.

var workbook = new GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.Workbook();
workbook.Open(this.CurrentDirectory + "macros.xlsm");
workbook.Save(this.CurrentDirectory + "macros-exported.xlsm");

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Add background image to worksheet

With the support of background images, you can set company logos, watermarks, or any other worksheet data-related background image to the worksheet. Simply set one line of code:

//Set a background image for worksheet
worksheet.BackgroundPicture = File.ReadAllBytes(@"logon.png");

Set background image on a worksheet

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Support workbook styles

If you want to base the style of your workbook on an existing style, with some modifications, you can use the style, set additional settings to it, and save it as another style. The following overload helps you define a new style (string name), base it on existing style (IStyle baseOn - the style on which you want to base on), and then add it to the list of workbook styles:

workbook.Styles.Add(string name, IStyle baseOn)

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Export Excel files containing vertical text to PDF

We already support Excel feature export to PDF, and with the new service pack, we improve the support of vertical text when exported to PDF. All settings on vertical text are preserved while exporting to PDF file.

Export Excel files containing vertical text to PDF

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Load and save JSON files with shapes

GcExcel can load and save any SpreadJS JSON files, and these files can be modified and saved back to JSON. GcExcel adds support of shapes while importing/exporting these JSON files.

Load and save JSON files with shapes

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Set JDK 8 datetime types to cell value in Documents for Excel, Java Edition

Java 8 introduced APIs that support many new date/time types and sub-packages to support JSR310 (Java Specification Requests for Date and Time API) in order to address some shortcomings of the older java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar. With the new service pack, GcExcel Java supports these new date/time types that you can use directly to set values in the Excel files. For example: LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime, Instant, MonthDay, OffsetDateTime, OffsetTime, Year, YearMonth ZonedDateTime, when working with Java 8 or higher.

Java Demo |
Java Documentation

For a list of bug fixes, visit the .NET Release Notes and Java Release Notes.

GCExcel 2.0

No major changes to GcExcel features, but the version has been edited to 2.0. Refer to the changes from previous version in the Release Notes.

GCExcel Service Pack

Support for Custom Functions

GcExcel now includes support for adding custom functions to the spreadsheets! You can now define your own functions for your spreadsheets, aside from what's already included in the built-in Excel functions. Read about custom functions in spreadsheets

GcExcel now uses System.Drawing.Color

Until now GcExcel had its own color type (GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.Color), so it wasn't possible to give a standard standard color to GcExcel, or vice versa. GcExcel now internally uses System.Drawing.Color, so you can now assign a standard color for various kinds of formatting on spreadsheets.

GCExcel Service Pack

The first service pack for GCExcel adds new improvements, APIs and utility methods with the new service pack.

Performance improvement

GcExcel is now faster than ever. We made several major performance enhancements over the previous release that you can start using today. GcExcel now performs better in following scenarios

  • Getting/setting value for single cell
  • Setting an array of double/int/float values to range, for example, Range.Value = new double[,]{ {1d, 2d}, {3d, 4d}}
  • Getting/setting style for single cell

Check out the performance blog for more information.

New APIs

CellInfo class

While working with range of cells, you may need to convert column/row index to expressions. GcExcel adds a new utility class to work with range of cells:

public class CellInfo  
    public static string RowIndexToName(int index);  
    public static int RowNameToIndex(string name);  
    public static string ColumnIndexToName(int index);  
    public static int ColumnNameToIndex(string name);  
    public static string CellIndexToName(int row, int column);  
    public static void CellNameToIndex(string name, out int row, out int column);   

Other API additions

  1. You can now get or set standard width of columns and height of rows in the worksheet.
  2. You can reset adjacent range's border when setting border for a range.

Demos update

We have added new demos to demonstrate various range operations that can be performed with GcExcel. Have a look on the new Range Operations demos:

Download the new GcExcel package