Data Slicer

Data Slicer

The C1FlexPivotSlicer control provides a quick way to edit filters applied to PivotField objects. It allows the user to filter data based on values while also indicating the current filtering state.

Process millions of rows of data in milliseconds

Users can process millions of rows of data in milliseconds with FlexPivot for WinForms, the new pivot table from ComponentOne Studio. Built on a super-charged data engine, this feature-rich control offers a modernized UI and a lightning-fast data engine that will give your users more power, speed, and reach than ever.

*Available only in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and Ultimate.

A Single, Elegant Solution

  • Create dynamic, summarized views by dragging data fields into a list on the UI
  • Interactive grids, charts, and reports cater to diverse business needs
  • High-performance controls and a small footprint create a powerful BI tool

WinForms Pivot Chart

Top Speed and Performance

  • Built on a super-charged data engine, FlexPivot can quickly process millions of rows
  • Data calls move at top speed, averaging 76ms after the first pass
  • Data won't be re-aggregated once it's added and indexed, further improving performance

WinForms Pivot Table

Works Across Data Sources

  • Pull multiple data sources into a single application or report
  • Correlate and report on multiple data sources throughout an enterprise
  • Deliver data from online or local cubes that users can drill down and parse more meaningfully

WinForms Pivot Table