A full-featured list box control and a multicolumn combo box control

ComponentOne List™ for WinForms features Microsoft Excel-like splits, incremental searching, in-cell objects, visual styles, and more.

Great Data Management, Minimal Code

  • Excel-like splits separate data into horizontal and vertical panes for multiple views and independent scrolling
  • Add in-cell objects for data display and editing, like bitmaps, command buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons
  • Automatically translate database values into alternate text or graphics without coding
  • Create unbound lists and combo boxes with minimal code, or add unbound columns to bound data
  • Select multiple items with check boxes
  • Enable rows to span multiple lines to decrease horizontal scrolling
  • Sort, reorder, and freeze columns, and allow users to rearrange headers at run time
  • Deferred scrolling and scroll tips allow location tracking of the scroll bar in the grid, and provide tooltips during scrolling

Built-In Search and Completion

  • Locate list items through single-character matching or incremental search
  • The Combo's textbox automatically fills with matching data when characters are typed

WinForms List

Style and Customization

  • Customize appearance with font, color, picture, and formatting specifications with hierarchical style objects
  • Enhance the readability of the list's display with alternating row colors
  • Customize the size, color, and type of cell borders
  • Apply different styles to individual cells depending on their content
  • Display text right-to-left for Arabic and Hebrew cultures
  • List supports visual styles that mimic the styles available in Microsoft Office

WinForms List