Display and edit formatted text as HTML and RTF documents

The ComponentOne RichTextBox for WPF control supports all common text formats, hyperlinks, tables, images, bulleted lists, and more. Use the control to display HTML content from the web, or use it as a complete rich text editor.

Complete Formatting Toolbar

Get to editing quickly with the full-featured RichTextBoxToolbar control. It provides all of the common editing, formatting, and inserting commands needed to deliver a complete rich text editor. It's a time saver, but you're free to create your own customized toolbar as well.

WPF RichTextBox

Check Spelling in More Than 20 Languages

RichTextBox supports two types of spell checking. With a modal dialog, the end user can choose to ignore each misspelled word one by one or add the word to a user dictionary. With as-you-type checking, misspelled words are highlighted with a wavy, red underline. The end user can right-click the word in the document to see a menu with suggestions and other options. We provide 22 international dictionaries free for you to distribute with your application.

WPF RichTextBox

Highly Modifiable Document Object Model

Patterned after the Document class in WPF, RichTextBox's rich document object model (DOM) supports images, lists, hyperlinks, borders, background and foreground colors for text ranges, and more. Use the rich DOM to create and modify documents programmatically. For example, you can extend the control to behave as a syntax highlighter.

WPF RichTextBox

Import and Export Formats

RichTextBox supports importing and exporting RTF, HTML, and plain text. Load existing rich text or HTML into the RichTextBox control, edit the document, and then export it back to RTF or HTML.

High Performance

Because RichTextBox isn't built on the native WPF RichTextbox, it's much faster at loading and instantaneously editing large documents.

Rich Formatting

Edit and format text containing multiple fonts, decorations, colors, tables, images, lists, and more.

WPF RichTextBox

Insert and Edit Tables

Because RichTextBox supports many advanced table commands, it's easier for you to design tables in HTML documents. Insert new tables, rows, and columns with the click of a button. Specify individual cell borders, sizes, and text alignments. You can even merge cells and convert plain text to tables, just like in Microsoft Word.

WPF RichTextBox

Insert and Edit Images

Users can easily upload images from their computer to the editor, or point to an image's URL on the web. Users can also select, resize, and drag images on the document surface.

WPF RichTextBox

Printing and Paging

RichTextBox supports paging and printing. You can edit documents in either Print Layout or Draft view, much like in Microsoft Word. Print Layout supports continuous page flow when scrolling, and even supports facing multiple pages horizontally.

WPF RichTextBox

Document Zooming

RichTextBox supports page zooming in both print layout and draft views.

Undo/Redo Support

Edit data in the RichTextBox control with confidence. Give users the ability to easily undo and redo changes with the click of a button.

Clipboard Support

RichTextBox fully supports Clipboard actions. Implement cut/copy/paste activities within the text box.

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